I have been using my blog http://ramblinrose506.blogspot.com more than I have been using this blog of late. Maybe I’ll actually do identical posts like I originally meant to do. We’ll see. Anyhow, for the time being, here is a post that I posted… less than five minutes ago, I guess!

I’m trudging wearily along, completely in the dark, not sure how long it will all last.

what IS that?
Some strange thing ahead. A mirage, more likely than not. I think to myself. It almost has the appearance of being… light?
Of course it’s not real.
This is the neverending tunnel that I have been in for 12 years.
At the beginning it was all fun. Then it got harder. And the end is full of mixed emotions.
Here I am, not really believing, but the light seems to be a bit brighter with each passing day. Each math test I finish. Each chapter I read. Is it even remotely possible that I might be graduating from high school this year?
Nah… It’s a mirage.
Or is it?

Youtube Tuesday – Post it!

I haven’t done a Youtube Tuesday in awhile, so I thought I’d do one now. Here’s some videos involving Post-it notes. The one video doesn’t have too many Post-its, but I decided to share it anyhow. And for my fellow Jane Austen fans, the girl in the one video is Charity Wakefield who plays Marianne Dashwood in (my favorite) Sense and Sensibility 2008.

Twelve Traditions of Christmas

Hey, everyone! I’m here to ask you to tell me about any traditions that you and your family have for Christmas. I have a couple to share, but certainly not twelve! If I get twelve traditions, I’ll share them over the twelve days of Christmas. Please please share with me! Thanks!


Hey, everybody! I’m in the middle of deciding whether I want to use wordpress, blogger, or both. In the meantime… I guess I’ve kinda neglected ya’ll, haven’t I? All of last week I posted on my blogger: http://ramblinrose506.blogspot.com so you can go there to see what I said. Please also tell me which blog YOU like better and find it easier to follow. You can comment on either blog or both! TTYL!

Several Random Topics

Topic 1: My blog. I still have one! I don’t know how many of you even noticed, but yesterday I did not have a blog. It was deactivated due to a violation of the terms of service… leaving me somewhat panicky and rather angry and heartbroken. I reread the terms of service and didn’t see anything wrong, but when I read the message that came up when I tried logging in it was talking about advertising. The closest thing I could come up with is all of my cool little buttons on the side of my blog. BUT EVERYBODY HAS THOSE, I protested. I emailed wordpress within minutes of discovering my problem. Their reply wasn’t as quick as it could have been, but the problem was resolved. There’s a website which I shall not name (Due to the fact that even linking to them will shut me down again) who does wordpress themes but they have junk in their codes. I tried using one of their themes and got shut down in consequence. BUT I changed over to a wordpress theme that’s actually here on wordpress, and here I go again! SO happy!

Now for topic #2! I am getting into this habit of posting lyrics to songs that have music I don’t agree with, but I wanted to share this song from Fireproof. It’s written by John Waller. Again, I do not support the type of music that is used with this song, but I wanted to share the lyrics:

I’m waiting
I’m waiting on You, Lord
And I am hopeful
I’m waiting on You, Lord
Though it is painful
But patiently, I will wait

I will move ahead, bold and confident
Taking every step in obedience
While I’m waiting
I will serve You
While I’m waiting
I will worship
While I’m waiting
I will not faint
I’ll be running the race
Even while I wait

That’s just the first verse and chorus, but that’s the best part anyhow, so there you have it! I think that the lines that really mean the most to me are where it says, “I will move ahead…” and “I’ll be running in the race even while I wait” It’s so easy for me to just stop and wait for God to make the next move when I should be pressing on!

Now that I’ve mentioned Fireproof, I’ll move on to my third topic: Courageous. I’m sure you all know about this movie by now, but just in case you don’t, Courageous is the next film that Sherwood Pictures is going to do. I’m really excited to see how it goes. It’s about… I wanna say 4 cops, but I’m not positive about that. Anyhow, it’ll be a “police movie” as Seth would call it. 😀
Now this may make ya’ll think that I’m totally nuts, but I’m not really happy with the way that Sherwood has gone about advertising for their new movie. I realize that the more viewers they have, the better. I just feel like the way they’ve gone about it is SO in tune with the ways of the world. Why aren’t they just stepping aside and trusting God to bring in the necessary viewers and money? Do any of you have thoughts on this? Feel free to call me a jerk… It won’t change anything, but if it makes you feel better, go right ahead!

So there’s my three topics for the day. 🙂 You know, I love blogging, but it’s even more fun when I get comments! So please be sure to let me know you dropped by!


YouTube Tuesday… On the News

Here are a couple of funny videos that have to do with the news. =D

For the icing on the cake… I laugh EVERY time I see this one!!!

5 W’s and an H, Google style

You know how Google has that handy little search thingy that always thinks it knows what you’re typing in? Well here are the top ten of each of the five w’s and the h. (I’m going to leave all of them in… we’ll see how it goes) Have you ever wanted to know…


  1. Why do men have nipples?
  2. Why is the sky blue?
  3. Why?
  4. Why do cats purr?
  5. Why do dogs eat grass?
  6. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  7. Why do dogs eat poop?
  8. Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?
  9. Why did I get married?


  1. Who is? (I really don’t know! LOL)
  2. Who wants to be a millionaire?
  3. Who wants to be a millionaire online game
  4. Who is big poppa on real housewives of atlanta? (Wow… that’s interesting. LOL)
  5. Who won Megan wants a millionaire?
  6. Who is my congressman?
  7. Who says lyrics
  8. Who invented the internet? (I ❤ whoever it was!!! LOL)
  9. Who won America’s Got Talent 2009?
  10. Who moved my cheese? (OOOOOkaay…)


  1. What is my ip? (tsk tsk… everyone should know that! =P I almost have ours memorized after setting up our internet and time capsule etc.)
  2. What does my name mean?
  3. What not to wear
  4. You know… I said I wasn’t going to skip anything even if it wasn’t really that great… well, I changed my mind.
  5. What is my ip address? (Ooo… new phrasing!)
  6. What is twitter?
  7. What to do when you’re bored
  8. What time is it? (DUDE, if you’re on a computer googling this, the time should be right in front of you!!!)
  9. What is twishma.sh? (Anyone know? [without using google!])
  10. What is love?

Where? (Apparently we have a wild thing problem)

  1. Where the Wild Things Are
  2. Where the Wild Things Are trailer
  3. Where the Wild Things Are book
  4. Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack
  5. Where the Wild Things Are movie
  6. Where’s Waldo? (HA I know!)
  7. wheresgeorge.com (Any of you done this? Kinda… interesting. LOL)
  8. Where the Wild Things Are costume
  9. Where the Wild Things Are review
  10. Where the Wild Things Are book online


  1. When is daylight savings 2009?
  2. When will I die?
  3. When is labor day?
  4. When will the world end?
  5. When is Easter 2010?
  6. When does daylight savings end 2009?
  7. When does daylight savings time end?
  8. When does the hangover come out on dvd?
  9. When is thanksgiving day 2009?
  10. When does New Moon come out?


  1. How to tie a tie
  2. How I met your mother
  3. How to kiss
  4. How to get pregnant
  5. how to
  6. How stuff works
  7. How to lose weight fast
  8. How to write a resume
  9. How to lose weight
  10. How long does weed stay in your system?