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A Blog Around the Corner

A very dear friend of mine has just started a blog about books, and I would encourage you to drop by and follow her! I’m hoping to do a guest post (or two or three) over the life of the blog… we’ll see how that goes. Anyhow, please leave her a comment and don’t forget to visit again!


Pride and Prejudice

This is a post which I intend to update several times over the coming months. I am going to dedicate it to one of my favorite books: Pride and Prejudice. In this post I will make a list of all of the sequels I have read and tell whether or not I would recommend them to anyone. I hope that someone will find this list useful!

1. LadyLady Catherine’s Necklace by Joan Aiken

It has been several years since I read this book, but from what I recall it had a rather poor writing style. An even greater objection to it however was the total transformation of several characters. This book was totally untrue to anything that Jane Austen wrote. The plot was a little amusing, but I would not recommend this book except to the VERY bored person. I also cannot recall for sure if there was any language or inappropriate behavior, so perhaps the best thing would be to stay away.

DarcysStory2.Darcy’s Story by Janet Aylmer

This is one of my favorites so far – Pride and Prejudice told from Mr. Darcy’s point of view! In most cases the dialogue comes directly from Jane Austen. Ms. Aylmer didn’t take too many liberties with the characters, either – a fault I have found with many authors of Pride and Prejudice fan fiction. The only thing that bothered me was the author’s word choices on occasion. There was no objectionable language, I just thought that she could have picked better words. Great addition to a bookshelf!

TwoOne3. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan

I found myself unable to read this book due to inappropriate material. I don’t know if I made it as far as the third chapter. This book is a total failure in my standards and I would never recommend it to anyone. As with many other authors, Ms. Lathan has fallen into the trap of trying to make the Darcy’s most intimate moments an entertaining read. I find this to be an even more disgusting flaw than the changing of a character’s character.


4. Letters from Pemberley by Jane Dawkins

This book was well-done in comparison to many others I have read. Though at times it seemed a bit simplistic and the length of the book was certainly not satisfying, I enjoyed these letters from Elizabeth to Jane. I have not been able to read the sequel, but I admit that I am glad that there is one. The first book was far too short. Though this book does not reach my list of all-time favorites, I wouldn’t have a problem with recommending it to anyone.

Book Reviews!

Okay, so I got up a different blog for my book reviews. =D I’m just getting started, so there’s not much on it, but there’ll be more coming! Please stop by!






Book reviews coming!

Most of my traffic has to do with books. People wanting free books or book reviews. Now the free books I can’t help with, though I will suggest that you try – I don’t know how I ever lived without it! The books aren’t free, but it’s the next best thing.

Now with book reviews: I truly am going to get more done! I think that my top five searches that are landing people here are “Secret of the Golden Cowrie”, “Gloria Repp”, “Donna Lynn [or Donnalynn] Hess”, “Janet Aylmer”, and “Father’s Promise”. I will get these done soon, so please don’t give up hope! 

Thanks for your patience!

The Trumpeter of Krakow

The Trumpeter of Krakow by Eric P. Kelly is the story of some Ukrainian refugees who flee to Poland in the late 1460’s. I am not as familiar with this time era as I should be, but I found the book to be historically accurate so far as I could see. The plot was interesting, but not exciting. Cautions would include the fact that there are several instances where hypnotism is used and through it, access is gained to “the devil’s workshop”. Two of the main characters get married, but this book is certainly not a romance. There was no foul language and no other problems that I can remember. I did not enjoy this book enough to recommend it to others, but it wasn’t a bad book. I know that this isn’t much of a book review… I find that I do better with books that I either love or hate! 😛

In trouble again

   My homeschool book club is meeting on the 18th, and I have some apologies to make. I happen to love The Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne – even said in a previous post that some of you are “poor deprived people” because you don’t know that he wrote anything but Winnie-the-Pooh. Well, I need to apologize to you as well.

  You see, I was reading happily along when I stopped and said to myself, “This doesn’t make sense!” This is what I read:

(My apologies to BJU Press for any copyright infringement)

     Mark came in. He was generally the last. He greeted them and sat down to toast and tea. Breakfast was not his meal. The others chattered gently while he read his letters.
     “Oh, no!” said Mark suddenly.
     There was an instinctive turning of heads towards him. “I beg your pardon, Miss Norris. Sorry, Betty.”
     Miss Norris smiled her forgiveness. She often wanted tos ay it herself, particularly at rehearsals.

[Pages 12 & 13]

    I stopped after reading this and asked myself a couple of questions.

  • Do people instinctively turn their heads when someone says “Oh, no!”?
  • Is “Oh, no!” something to apologize about?

   I trust BJU Press. They are incredible! I think that I might go so far as to say that if a book is published by BJU, it won’t have any problems. No problems. Which is why I have The Red House Mystery. But I never stopped to think that perhaps BJU had edited the book from it’s original context. But now I needed to find out. Here I had refused to read books because of language, and then suggested a book… that might have language?

   Today I looked it up online and was horrified by what I came across. In searching for this one instance – in Chapter Two, people – I came across more language than I could ever have expected. A. A. Milne had a problem, people. How he EVER wrote children’s stories, I know not. So I’m apologizing now for my whole-hearted endorsement of this book. It’s a wonderful book, and I would suggest it to anyone provided that they get the BJU copy. For those of you who may be interested now, the ISBN number is: 1-57924-702-4.

   All of that said, I would appreciate your prayers. On the 18th I’m going to book club and I would ask that you pray that I’ll be able to apologize and gain back any loss of reputation that I may have.


   Emily – Go check them out!

Sacrificing Expectations to get Results

   Yet another case of low expectations has been spotted on the horizon! It’s sad to see what people will do in order to get “success”. Want an explanation? Here it is then!

   Our local library has a summer reading program for teens. They want teens to have motivation to read, so they offer prizes. For the last few years, the program has been easy for me, but challenging for others. Read for 30 hours and earn a free mini-golfing experience. No problem! Or… was it? I guess that the library wasn’t getting enough people to complete the program, because this year, you have to read three books in order to get the mini-golfing tickets. AND if you’ll stretch yourself far enough to read six books, you’ll get a free book and a chance to enter for a… wii system. (Which I don’t know what one is, and therefore don’t care to have one. Unless I can make money off of it. :P) Needless to say, I’m already done with the program. The six books I read were:

Darcy’s Story by Janet Aylmer
In Search of Honor by Donnalynn Hess
Light From Heaven by Christmas Carol Kauffman
Secret of the Golden Cowrie by Gloria Repp
Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope
The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I plan to do some book reviews on these in the future, but we’ll see whether or not that ever comes to pass!

So, I rather strayed from my original idea there. Typical. 😛


  • What things have you noticed where expectations of teens are lowered?
  • What (if anything) did you do about it?

   I’ll be back shortly! I’ll have a post about this weekend for you!