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For lack of something to say…

Here are the searches that have led to my site. I always get a kick out of some of them!

(To Buttercup: Thanks so much for your comment! My internet always closes when I visit your site, so… I’m not sure what to do there. I’ll try again tomorrow! Thanks for reading!)

early edition 18
david brian reina 3
\”ashleigh baker\” 3
old monitor 3
pride and prejudice early edition 3
‘what if you knew beyond a doubt what wa 3
big old monitors 3
john denver devotional songs youtube 2
1st corinthians 10:31 modern version 2
early edition pictures 2
\”maranatha chapman\” 2
“emily lucius” 2
patrick scarpitta 2
1st corinthians quiz 2
ipod shuffle 2 2
1st corinthians 10:31 2
movie knowing corinthians 2
what time is it in 5 different places 1
bible quizz – 1st chorinthians 1
galkin evangelistic team on youtube 1
annie\’s bunny grahams 1
sense and sensibility + desiring god + j 1
st. patick veggietales 1
nose pierced 1
maler danny lopes 1
corinthians wedding recital 1
ipod -touch -iphone -applications 1
erica 1
what ipod says about you 1
prayer watering gods plants 1
will galkin evangelistic team 1
husband paul michael benedetti 1
top ten websites waste time 1
\”what will you dance to at your wedding 1
andre rieu e carmem 1
1st cor. 10:31 1
tablecloth person 1
tablecloth illustrations 1
emily eats 1
corinthians and the movie knowing 1
corinthians courage 1
essay on 1st corinthians 1
monitor old 1
never ceases to amaze me 1
unworthy in 1 thessalonians 1
quiz from corinthians 1
1st corinthians 10 1
annie\’s chocolate bunnies 1
bible quizzing 1st corinthians 1

I seriously need to get back into this…

Okay, so the whole blogging thing kinda just stopped happening for some reason. I’m sure that nobody missed me, ’cause nobody is even reading this… but I’m going to try blogging some more anyhow. I wish I knew how to increase my traffic. If I had people commenting or something, I’d definitely have more motivation to blog!

So… here’s a quick overview of ten things that are happening in my life right now:

1. I am working on math and science because I am rather far behind

2. I am memorizing 1 Timothy for Bible Quizzing. This year’s passage is “The T’s” and includes 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus. It’s the shortest quiz passage of them all, and I’m hoping to do well as this is my last chance. (Senior year!)

3. Working on several piano pieces. I’m supposed to play offertory at church in two weeks and am hoping to have an arrangement of There is a Fount ready. It’ll take some work though…

4. I’m worried about my wonderful iPod nano. I took it to a friend’s house this weekend and it disappeared. I know that I did not take it out of her house, so it’s probably somewhere in her bedroom or living room, or something like that. But I want it back. NOW! lol

5. We are trying to get everything figured out involving camp this year. It’s beena  complicated mess because… well, never mind. Let’s just say that we’re finally getting it all worked out. Three weeks before camp.

6. I am trying to make a list of all of the books I have read in the last few years. Mom was curious about it, so I’m working on trying to remember them. There’s a LOT. I’ll post the list here, perhaps.

7. I got a job this summer taking care of a neighbor’s lawn. I’m going to try and get a couple more lawns because I still owe over $100 on my camera. *sigh* (Donations are being accepted!!! LOL)

8. I have been doing some cleaning, but have a lot more to do. Funny how I’ve managed to hang on to so much useless junk over the years.

9. I’ve added another elephant to my stuffed elephant collection. I named him Edison. So now I have three… and hope to add more. For anyone who reads this blog and doesn’t know, I read a children’s story about Harry the Elephant, and fell in love with stuffed elephants. I want one that’s just like Harry, but I don’t know if I’ll ever have one. Anyhow, my Dad and Sister have both given me elephants, and I found one at the thrift store, too. Donations are also acceptable here. =D

10. I’m going through my music after reading some books by Kimberley Smith. I would recommend that anyone read these books. I have always had high music standards, but after reading her  books, I’m seeing some areas in which I’m slipping up. I believe that the three titles are O, Be Careful Little Ears, Let Those who have Ears ot Hear, and Music and Morals.

So there you are. Now please leave me some comments to encourage me to keep blogging! 😉