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Here’s something to think about. I was thinking to myself, “Here I have a four-year-old brother: this rings so true for me!” When I realized something… I was looking at it all wrong! Yes, it’s very important to set a good example for little ones, but we should be shining Christ’s light – and love – everywhere!


Hard Thing Number One: Speech

   A few weeks ago I asked a few of my family members what they would consider to be my worst fault. I was sure that – after much careful meditation – I knew what each family member would say. I was wrong. REALLY wrong. And the thing that surprised me? There were no complaints about my actions! It turns out that my family’s biggest problem with me is my speech. Either my condescending tone (WHAT?) or… my choice of words. I don’t know how much this comes across to those of you who read my blog, but I like big words. I read the dictionary to get them. Lo and behold, my family doesn’t like asking me for definitions! (Why didn’t I think of that myself?)

   The result of this is what I’ll call “Hard Thing Number One”. I have a ton of hard things, but I’ll only share some on here. I’ll also do follow-ups on myself. [Now that is scary, folks!] So… here are my goals:

  • To minimize my usage of extreme vocabulary. [Okay, okay… starting now]
  • To practise humility of speech – especially towards my younger siblings

   Please pray for me -and leave comments!

  P. S. Sorry, I didn’t mean to lie in my last post, but I edited this down so that I didn’t have quite as much to say. Stop by soon — I’ll be posting about what all is happening around here! And THAT post will be long!