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Youtube Tuesday – Post it!

I haven’t done a Youtube Tuesday in awhile, so I thought I’d do one now. Here’s some videos involving Post-it notes. The one video doesn’t have too many Post-its, but I decided to share it anyhow. And for my fellow Jane Austen fans, the girl in the one video is Charity Wakefield who plays Marianne Dashwood in (my favorite) Sense and Sensibility 2008.


YouTube Tuesday… On the News

Here are a couple of funny videos that have to do with the news. =D

For the icing on the cake… I laugh EVERY time I see this one!!!

Youtube… Thursday!

I just saw this about 30 seconds ago, but I really wanted to share it… thus a YouTube Thursday!

YouTube Tuesday

Here is a favorite youtube video of mine made from two very similar scenes in Little Women and Anne of Avonlea. Enjoy!

Youtube Tuesday

A lot of people… okay, three people… that I’m subscribed to have been posting youtube videos rather frequently with either a favorite song, movie scene, or just something funny. So since I’m TRYING to get back into blogging, and I’m tired of just staring at this blank white space… I think I’ll join the crowd (or shall I say group?) and just post a video. Don’t worry, though! I won’t make youtube the majority of my posts. I don’t think. =D

It seems as though this one has been full circle, but I never know what my readers may or may not have seen, so here’s a little humor for the day: