The Looking Glass

I have had several people from facebook, blogs, and forums ask me about my book, so here is a little bit about it! Today I reached 20,000 words, so that leaves 30,000 words to get in the next… 17 days? Oh, boy! I’d better go write there instead of here!!!

Title: The Looking Glass

Summary: (Subject to change! LOL)”Things are not always as they seem.” Holly and Jared’s grandfather had said to them before his death. Puzzled by his meaning, Holly and Jared go on to discover the secret behind two ordinary-looking mirrors. Finding themselves transported to another world, the pair must fight a force that seeks to destroy an entire universe – and search for a way back home.

Excerpt: ‘He was lost in the woods, and stopped at this cottage to see if anyone could help him. The old woman who opened the door was ancient looking, but beautiful. He asked if she could help him and she said, ‘Come in and have something warm to drink. I’ll see you right.’ So he went into the house. On one wall was a painting of one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Her hair was blacker than a starless night, and her skin was as fair and white as clean snow. He commented to the old woman about the painting and she replied, ‘Ah, yes. It is a painting of one of my ancestors. Perhaps you are familiar with her story?’ He cleared his throat and said, ‘If you’ll tell me her name, I would be better able to tell you whether or not I’m familiar with her.’ The old woman smiled and said, ‘She was called Snow White. The looking glass on the wall is the one which was once owned by the evil queen.’ He looked at her incredulously. ‘How is that possible?’ he asked. ‘There are many worlds,’ the old woman replied, ‘And the world which I come from is called Aeroth. It is the land where most of your fairy tales come from, because it is the land where every girl finds her prince charming and every lad finds his princess bride. For many, it is the land of happily ever after.’


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