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I have been using my blog more than I have been using this blog of late. Maybe I’ll actually do identical posts like I originally meant to do. We’ll see. Anyhow, for the time being, here is a post that I posted… less than five minutes ago, I guess!

I’m trudging wearily along, completely in the dark, not sure how long it will all last.

what IS that?
Some strange thing ahead. A mirage, more likely than not. I think to myself. It almost has the appearance of being… light?
Of course it’s not real.
This is the neverending tunnel that I have been in for 12 years.
At the beginning it was all fun. Then it got harder. And the end is full of mixed emotions.
Here I am, not really believing, but the light seems to be a bit brighter with each passing day. Each math test I finish. Each chapter I read. Is it even remotely possible that I might be graduating from high school this year?
Nah… It’s a mirage.
Or is it?