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A post about posting… (And a giveaway!)

So, I’ve realized that my camp post isn’t up on my site… Did it go to anyone’s blog feed? Did anyone read it? I’m not sure what to think about that… but right now I’ll just let it go and talk about other things.

First of all, there’s a giveaway over at YLCF! The book is Pajama School by Natalie Wickham. Go here to enter! I had the privilege of talking to Natalie at the CHEC (Christian Home Educators of Colorado) Conference in June. She’s such a sweet person! I haven’t been able to read the book yet and couldn’t afford to buy it from her at the conference, so hopefully I’ll be able to either win a copy or get it on paperback swap.

Next up… I have load of book reviews that I’m about to drop here! I should’ve been posting them sooner, but I haven’t. So I’ll start trying to remember to do one (or maybe two) a week. I have – as always – been reading like crazy. A quick review preview: The DragonKeeper Chronicles by Donita K. Paul, The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix, and the heartbreaking story of Whitney Cerak and Laura van Ryn in Mistaken Identity.

Last, but not least… I’ll be doing a fourth of July post about my family’s vacation and one about my little brother who just celebrated his fifth birthday. Not sure what order these posts will come in, but they ARE coming! Until then – Soli Deo Gloria!



The movie I mentioned last week (or was it two weeks ago??) is being given away over here. Go check it out!

Giveaway! Last Chance!

Just a reminder about my giveaway… You have ’til noon tomorrow, my friends! Take the opportunity while it’s here!


I’m having my first giveaway! Here are the details that you’ll want to know:

  • Where? Right here!
  • When? You can enter from now until Thanksgiving. I’ll be drawing for the winner on Thanksgiving day.
  • What? Crystal Paine’s CD What to do While Waiting for Prince Charming  and her book A Maiden in Waiting

I won these at a giveaway almost a year ago and was blessed by them, so I decided to pass them along! Here are some suggestions for entering the contest:

  • You must comment on this post! [Okay… so that’s not a suggestion :D]
  • Please tell your friends! The reason that I’m having this giveaway for so long is that I have zero traffic most of the time, so I don’t want it just to be a toss-up between two people! :p
  • Please tell me if you’d prefer me contact you via email or your blog in the event that you win.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!