A fellow Rebelutionary, Buttercup, just tagged me with this, so I wanted to do it before I forget!

Are you…

a Christian? Yes!

a good listener? Depends who’s talking

a good friend? I try. You’ll have to ask my friends about my success

artistic? Sometimes

funny? ALL the time! (As I am reminded daily by various people)

good conversation starter? Most of the time

crazy? Just a little

random? You have no idea…

communicative? Most of the time

loving? Of course!

clumsy? I have my moments…

happy? Yes!

athletic? Not really

excellent in school? Nope, just certain subjects

an animal lover? Nah

sister? Yup!

brother? *ahem* That would be awkward, considering my last answer!

daughter? Yes

son? No.

caring? I think so. Maybe not so much as some people, though.

technology challenged? Not usually

techno-freak? No.

respectful? Inside or outside? =P Usually both, but sometimes just on the outside.

a movie lover? Yes

book worm? Oh, yeah!!!

attentive? Um… no.

responsible? Yes. (mostly)

honest? What’s honest? LOL I’m kidding… I’m honest most of the time. Even when a polite lie would be better.

fantastic? Nah.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for doin’ it, girl! =) Loved readin’ it!


  2. Oh, and THANKS FOR LINKING TO ME!!! 😀


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