Fourth of July Weekend – Thursday

Hey, everybody! I love blogging so much… I really don’t know why I sometimes just let it go! But here I am to tell ya’ll’s about our trip to Steamboat Springs for the 4th.


We left Thursday morning and had a good trip. We made it into town in time to go to Music on the Green. The Meridian Quartet was playing some “humorous” classical pieces. We hadn’t had time to stop for lunch, and it was rather hot, so we didn’t stay for the whole thing.


We went to Qdoba for lunch – one of our favorite places to eat! Wanna know what was really cool about it, though? There was NO loud, obnoxious music. The service was great – friendly people. And… drumroll, please….

Everyone spoke ENGLISH! I only had to give my order ONE time, and they got it! Woohoo! I was instantly ready to move back. hehe

After lunch we went to Mrs. Larson’s house and unloaded the van. Now for those of you who don’t know, our van has storage under the seats. I love it! The back (where Erin and Seth ride) was still a bit crowded, but it totally helped keep the front rows clear. Sweetness. Anyhow… where was I? … Oh, yeah… So after chatting for a bit with Mrs. Larson, we decided to head on out to our old house. It was kinda sad to see all of the new houses that have been built up. It kinda ruins the countrified air of living out in the country. We were getting pretty close to our old house when we saw a rattlesnake in the road. No big deal… we’ve seen dozens of them in the past. I mean, come on! We lived with them in our back yard! BUT I have a little brother who is a city brat. He’s scared of grasshoppers and has little to nothing of the country boy in him. So Dad pulled up near the ole rattler so Seth could have a look-see. Dad spun the wheels a little to try and get the snake to coil up and use the little music-maker on the end of his ugly skinny body.


Suddenly we realized that there was a car coming up behind us, so Dad had to get out of the road. It was some good friends from church that happened to be our closest neighbors. (They lived 1/2 a mile away from us… oh, to live out in the open spaces again!) Now here’s the part that we all laughed about later… They drove over the snake and killed it, thus preventing Seth from being able to hear it rattle. HAHAHA! The snake probably deserved it anyhow. =P

We continued on our way down the road and went around the old, familiar corner. As we came around, there were 4 or 5 gasps as we saw… a barn! And horses! Two things that we all would have liked to have had, but didn’t have the money for.


The yard had also changed somewhat – the willow tree was a lot bigger than it used to be! The driveway had also been changed and there was grass where we used to park.


Yup, folks! That’s where I growed up! Pretty little place, isn’t it? So beautiful and green!

Anyhow… we went and chatted with the Sistos some. (The neighbors who crushed Ole Mr. Znake) After that we went and had supper at Mrs. Larson’s and… went to bed? That doesn’t seem right, but I don’t recall doing anything else. So I’ll just say that we went to bed, and someone can come along and correct me if they wish.

And I think I’ll bring this to a close for now! It’s kinda short, but hopefully the pics will make up for it. More to come!


My beautiful sis taking pictures out near our old house


My wonderful parents at the Botanic Gardens (where Music on the Green is)


Seth ready to go get some lunch


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