Be warned!

Hey, I’m going to be posting about camp soon and just wanted to see if anyone had any input. Would ya’ll prefer several shorter posts (say, a separate post for each day of camp) or one whopper of a post to go for the whole week? Just let me know! And if you’re interested, go to and look at my books. I just worked on my shelf some more today. =D And if you don’t have a shelfari, maybe you want to think about getting one? I’ll be back soon and I’ll try to reply to some of the comments that I haven’t gotten around to yet.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hey this is Morgan from xanga. i finally was able to get on ! Yay!! Have fun at camp, i want to here about it any way you feel comfy writing about it.:)
    Drop by my site soon!


  2. either is fine with me. 🙂 Have fun!!! I already went to camp this year, and it was so FUN!!!!!!!!!


  3. That’s really cool! I bet we probably saw each other sometime while we were there… just didn’t know it. How crazy! 🙂


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