For lack of something to say…

Here are the searches that have led to my site. I always get a kick out of some of them!

(To Buttercup: Thanks so much for your comment! My internet always closes when I visit your site, so… I’m not sure what to do there. I’ll try again tomorrow! Thanks for reading!)

early edition 18
david brian reina 3
\”ashleigh baker\” 3
old monitor 3
pride and prejudice early edition 3
‘what if you knew beyond a doubt what wa 3
big old monitors 3
john denver devotional songs youtube 2
1st corinthians 10:31 modern version 2
early edition pictures 2
\”maranatha chapman\” 2
“emily lucius” 2
patrick scarpitta 2
1st corinthians quiz 2
ipod shuffle 2 2
1st corinthians 10:31 2
movie knowing corinthians 2
what time is it in 5 different places 1
bible quizz – 1st chorinthians 1
galkin evangelistic team on youtube 1
annie\’s bunny grahams 1
sense and sensibility + desiring god + j 1
st. patick veggietales 1
nose pierced 1
maler danny lopes 1
corinthians wedding recital 1
ipod -touch -iphone -applications 1
erica 1
what ipod says about you 1
prayer watering gods plants 1
will galkin evangelistic team 1
husband paul michael benedetti 1
top ten websites waste time 1
\”what will you dance to at your wedding 1
andre rieu e carmem 1
1st cor. 10:31 1
tablecloth person 1
tablecloth illustrations 1
emily eats 1
corinthians and the movie knowing 1
corinthians courage 1
essay on 1st corinthians 1
monitor old 1
never ceases to amaze me 1
unworthy in 1 thessalonians 1
quiz from corinthians 1
1st corinthians 10 1
annie\’s chocolate bunnies 1
bible quizzing 1st corinthians 1

5 responses to this post.

  1. LOL! some of those, man, you would never think!

    That is weird. 😦 I will try to figure it out. 🙂



  2. My dad said it is probably something wrong with your computer. (If I understood him correctly :D). So, Idk. You could do an experiment and try to get on my blog on a different computer. 🙂 Whatever.

    -Buttercup, a fellow rebelutionary.


  3. LOL! that is weird! I am glad you could get on!!! Yeah, I am on the forums! What is your username? I am not allowed to give mine out anywhere but the forums. I hope you think of it! HAHAHAHA


  4. Okay!!! I will PM you. You have a great a weekend too!!!

    btw, I will be REALLY busy tomorrow, we are going to have 7 or 8 boys under 8 years old over for my lil’ bro’s b-day party! AHHH! no, it will be fun. 😀


  5. I can’t find you. Give me your exact username.


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