(Portions of) My Day in Pictures

Today I thought I’d do something new… and instead of telling you about today, I’ll post some pictures of the routine stuff that happened. =D Part of this is because it takes time to type, part of it is because I’m in love with my camera and want to take opportunities to use the various opptions on it. Hope you enjoy!


Starting the day right…


Which I’ve obviously neglected to do several times.


Dream a little… (Phantom is playing at our theatre, and I want to go see it, but the PRICE!!!)


Enjoy some music (One of my FAVORITE songs on this soundtrack! I mean… I always see Peter’s sword coming up out of the water as the song starts… :D)


Math (No comment)


Take a little nap… (NOTE: This is not me, but I did take a nap!)


Snack (Annie’s honey-graham bunnies, chocolate chips, raisins, and walnuts. MMM)


Piano Lesson!




Computer time


My desktop

And I took more, but I need to get going. You probably all think that I’m crazy anyhow. But I’ve seen a few blogs where people do this, and personally, I like it. Not as an all-the-time thing. But I just love pictures! 😀

Anyhow, hope ya’ll have a great week!


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