I’ve been googled…

So… another email forward thing. I know, I really need to post about life. But seriously? I’m waiting ’til the right time. When I first started blogging, I could share my thoughts and they’d be funny or encouraging or whatever. But right now if I posted everything I’m thinking, my posts would be sad, depressing, complaining, and who knows what. So just hang in a little longer and don’t abandon me yet! I’ll come back to my old self someday. I hope.

Search your first name with the following verbs on google. Then type the first results/descriptions that come up.

Emily needs-to give Tim food.

Emily looks- on the bright side

Emily hates- you [Sorrrrry NOT my fault! (Stupid google doesn’t want me to have friends anymore)

Emily has gone- from earth. [Oh, NOW you tell me!]

Emily loves- Banana custard!

Emily eats- eight eggs.

Emily works- out

Emily lives- with two dead bodies (AHEM)

Emily dies- at the Peace Abbey

Emily does- the salmon dance (HUH??)

Emily will- not let us ignore her upcoming TIMES magazine cover story

Emily drives- the fire truck

Emily wants- to meet her hero

Emily can- drive them nutty

Emily likes- to wander the streets

Emily knows- best

Emily says- hello

Emily is- good and Greek

Emily feels- the ground give way


One response to this post.

  1. “Emily eats eight eggs. . .Emily works out”

    Do you think those are supposed to have a connection? 😀

    I will have to try this. . .it looks quite funny! 😀


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