New Camera!!!

   I’m at my friend Erin’s house right now, but I wanted to let everyone know that I have a new camera! As many of you know, mine was stolen during the quiz trip to Kentucky. I shopped around for awhile and finally narrowed it down to two cameras. A Sony Cybershot and a Kodak Easyshare. After some thought, I decided on the Easyshare because it cost less and I liked the look a bit better. So this afternoon I went into a Best Buy with Erin. She had told me that they were going out of business and I went in with her to see if they had any special deals. We got in and discovered that they were not going out of business, but I got some questions answered and was wishing that I could just go ahead and get the camera, but I new that it was impossible. So I turned around to go and there was an associate who had just walked up behind me. I jumped a little and he apologized and said, “You looking to buy a camera?” “I wish.” “Well, I usually work in computers, but what’re you looking at?” “The Kodak here.” “Oh, really? If you want something with the same options for less money (and which I personally like better) there’s the Sony.” He stepped over a little bit and out of all of the Sony cameras, he picked the cybershot that I had been looking at! “It’s on sale until we close tonight.” I looked: $50 off the original price. I asked some more questions. He didn’t have all of the answers because he works in computers, but he looked up the information that he didn’t know. Well, I don’t carry money with me most of the time, and basically never more than $10, but Mom and Dad were in town and they have credit cards, checks, etc. So I borrowed Erin’s cell phone and called them to ask them to stop by Best Buy and get the camera. 😀 So my new camera is at home with my family and I’m here at Erin’s… dying to see it!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I am SO happy, though! I also got a memory stick. I think Dad told me that it was $30 off! So I hope that everything is really working out as well as I think it is. I keep thinking that something is going to be wrong just because I’ve never handled the camera. lol There’s faith for you!

Anyhow… I need to get going. Mom wanted me to be sure that I get into bed in good time since we have to be at church in the morning. It’s about an hour from Erin’s.

Pictures will follow!!!!!!


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  1. Pictures better follow, since it’s a picture-taker we’re talking about here. 😀

    The Sony looks like a great camera! A lot of its features remind me of my Canon.

    That is so great you were able to get it at a good price! The Lord does work things out 🙂


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