It’s me!

Hey, everyone! It’s me! And I’m actually going to tell you about some of what’s going on right now in my life. Where to start is the major question, I guess. lol I don’t remember the last time I really told anyone what all is happening.

So… first off, school. *ahem!* Did I really want to go there? I guess so. History is awesome! I’m basically done for the semester except for a thing I need to finish on Bloody Mary. [NOTE: Testament to my good upbringing: I felt VERY disrespectful as I typed that name… lol!] Writing is going really well, too. I have a couple of B’s, which irritates me, but it’s mostly A’s. My grandma has been grading my work, so I email it to her when I’m done. It’s really cool ’cause before I just knew that I’d done everything and wasn’t sure if it was a good job or not. When I have kids I am totally going to grade their work for them! Math… I don’t want to talk about, so we’ll skip it. Science is really cool, but SLLLLOOOWWW.  VERY slow. I’m getting as far behind as I was when I started. NOT cool, but at least I’m enjoying what I’m learning, right? Literature is pretty awesome. I’m doing a study thing on Jane Eyre. Right up my ally, that is. Charlotte Bronte was amazing! 

Quizzing is going okay. I have Mark 1-5 quotable, 6-8 almost quotable, 9-13 content, 15 & 16 is what I’m working on, and 1,2,3 John & Jude looks pretty good. I just need to put more time into it all. I’d certainly appreciate your prayers. I think (though I don’t know this for sure) that our next tournament will be CI. That’s the tournament that we have at our church. (Colorado Invitational) That’s Feb. 13 & 14. (My B-day! How cool is that??? I get to do one of my favorite things on my B-day! [assuming that I make the team…])

My piano lessons are going well. I’m finding out that my previous teacher didn’t teach me quite right. Just a little frustrating to have to break old habits. *sigh* But I’m having SO much fun! I love playing the piano!!!! Right now I’m working on re-doing “A Christmas Overture” by Philip Keveren. I did it three years ago, but I love it enough to do it again, and I learned a couple of parts wrong, so it’ll be good to go back and do it right. Maybe I’ll tape myself doing it and post it on youtube. MAYBE. It’s not on youtube, so I can’t give you a link to watch someone else play it. The other piece that I’m working on is Rondo Alla Turca (Mozart). That’s pretty popular, so there’s a bunch on youtube. I’ll let you find it yourself if you’re interested. I’m almost done with it. 

We just watched the “new” Sense and Sensibility. It was pretty good! I think that I might even like it better than the old one. Wiloughby wasn’t as good, but the rest were great! And John Dashwood’s son!!!!! The Dashwoods didn’t have a kid in the old (Kate Winslet) one. Anyhow. I’d highly recommend it to ya’ll. There was one swear word, but once you’ve seen it, you’ll know exactly where to mute it from there on out. Anyhow…

I need to get going. I’m going to make some pie crusts! My sister needs the computer, so that’s another reason for me to get going. 

Hope ya’ll have a great thanksgiving!


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  1. Hi,
    Thank you soo much for allowing me to win!! I am so excited to get these items:) I am really looking forward to them:) Let me know where you want me to send my address too and I hope you have a very blessed thanksgiving!! God Bless


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