FINALLY I update

My life has been really busy lately, which I love. There’s only one problem that I can find with being so busy, and that is my neglecting those who read my blog. There really aren’t very many of you. Somehow I haven’t been able to gain any popularity here on wordpress. That’s okay — I’ll keep trying to be a faithful blogger. 

A couple of weeks ago I was in Kentucky. It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but that’s the way things go. I went with my church’s quiz team to go to the Kentucky Invitational Quiz-off. Or KIQ-off. It was my first quiz tournament. 

We got up at 3:45 on Wednesday morning and met at the American Airlines ticket counter at 4:30. Early, but totally doable on my part. hehe I can go without sleep for awhile, so I survived until Sunday on very little sleep. 
The flights went pretty well. We flew from DIA to Dallas/Ft. Worth, then from D/FW to Louisville. (As a side note, have you ever heard locals pronounce Louisville? I still can’t say it the way they do! So yeah…) My camera got stolen by somebody in the D/FW airport, so that makes me mad, but I’ll be okay.

The quiz tournament went pretty well. It was my first time competing against people who weren’t from my church. Sadly, I only got 3 jumps the whole time we were there. And *ahem* I think that 2 of them were on the free question. =( I feel kinda bad about that… I mean, my plane ticket wasn’t exactly free or anything. So I should’ve helped the team more. The truth is, I tried for almost every jump from chapters 1-6. But I am so  slow! =( I’ll be working on that every chance I get, though.
We got 5th place out of… 12, I think.

Our flight home was on Sunday morning. EARLY Sunday morning. We got up at 4:30 am KY time, which is 2:30 CO time. When we got to the airport we went straight to church. Where I fell asleep during the service. I don’t usually do that, but I hadn’t slept at all on Tuesday, not very long on Wednesday, not at all on Thursday, slept well on Friday, and got a few hours of sleep Saturday night. I was zonked!

So… I’ve been writing on this a little bit at a time. In a family of 6, there’s always someone asking me to give the computer to them. GRRR… But I’m finally ready to post this. Sorry if any of it seems choppy. 

And… real quick (seeing that no one has asked for the computer yet)… I’ll give you an update on current stuff.

School is going really well… I might be caught up in math and science by Christmas! Three cheers for anatomy! It’s SO much better than chemistry! 
Piano is also going well. I’m glad to have a teacher again. Teaching yourself isn’t a good route to go. Especially if you get into your head that something is one way and it isn’t. LOL

So far as my camera situation goes, I’m going to get one off of eBay again, I think. My last one was a success and I saved over $200. Which is never a bad thing. I happen to be broke right now, but I have a few nice hardcover books to sell. They’re part of the World’s Best Reading series that I collect, but I don’t want these ones. (Language issues) I know that this sounds really selfish – it IS really selfish, but if ya’ll could pray that I get a good price from them, I’d appreciate it! I hope to post them on eBay this month. (But we’ll see how that goes.) 

Well, I need to get going. Breakfast is almost ready and I’m not dressed yet! =D  [BUT I got the computer to myself!!!!]

Emily Rose


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  1. Hey! I’m so sorry to hear about your camera getting stolen! I love mine and while I rarely take it any place it could get stolen, it’s a wonder it hasn’t gotten rained on or sat on something because I tend to leave it in unusual places. . .and sometimes forget where!

    So you came all the way over to my side of the world! Too bad you weren’t in my state :-D. Oh well, there will be a day when we will get to see each other face to face. 🙂

    You’ll have to let me know what kind of camera you had. You told me once, I’m sure, but I’ve forgotten. If you are considering getting a different kind, I can highly recommend my model–Canon G3 (4 megapixel, I think 4x optical zoom). The zoom isn’t much, but the crisp quality and vibrant color that is Canon’s trademark makes it beloved to me. 🙂 [And of course, mine came from Ebay too.]

    Oh–you might try advertising the books you want to sell on your closest first. You could give it a 2 week try (listing the books every 2 days). If you could get the price you want, you’d at least save the trouble of shipping.

    Well, I have to scoot for now. 🙂


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