Playing Copy-cat again

Yesterday I saw that a fellow blogger had done a post on the search engine terms that have brought people to her site. I decided to follow in her footsteps just to give myself an easy post to do. I have a couple of entries in the works, so I hope that you can be patient with me as I complete them. I apologize for my long absence, but I’ll be able to explain it soon. =D Hope ya’ll have a great day!

doing hard things  -6 ~This one is understandable! 😀
and our flag was still there  -5 ~ From my 4th of July post
giveaway  -5 ~
drawing water  -4 ~Post on my devotions
finish basement  -3 ~ I don’t remember ever mentioning anything about finishing our basement. 
star spangled banner pictures  -3
the von trapp children  -3
free books janet aylmer  -2 ~ Sorry, mine’s not available. 🙂
so gallantly streaming  -2 
grave of the unknown soldier  -2
our flag was still there  -2
the flag was still there  -2
that our flag was still there  -2
were so gallantly streaming -2
buycostumes affiliate banners -2  ~????
stars and stripes banner  -2
so much more by anna sophia botkin and e  -2
georg von trapp  -2
flag+eagle  -2
eagle and flag  -2
cool stars  -2
august 2008 email forwards  -1
the secret of the golden cowrie by glori  -1
doing hard things dvd  -1
stars and stripes flag  -1
pride and predjudice + the horse and his  -1
the voyage of the dawn treader + pride a  -1
o say can you see on the shore dimly see  -1 ~ Is this some variation of the national anthem?
von trapp children  -1
journey devotions  -1
devotions planted  -1
drawing water techniques  -1
melanie von trapp  -1
godly eagle  -1 ~ HUH?
the secret of golden cowrie book review  -1
doing hard things research  -1
drawing of a spring of water  -1  -1
proudly we hailed – 1
children’s story doing hard things  -1
perilous fight  -1
devotions isaiah 58:11  -1
what is biblical femininity dvd botkin s  -1
manny j esquilin – 1 the von trapp child  -1
michael d carlson  -1
the fate of the yellow woodbee reviews  -1
ups maintenance laughs – 1
book review a father’s promise by donna – 1 the flag is still there -1
grandpa money love -1 ~This one has left me somewhat bewildered, but I hope that the visitor enjoyed my site!   

One response to this post.

  1. The Bravehearted Gospel one was caused by my comment, I’m sure. 🙂

    It’s good to see a post, even if it’s “copycat”! 😀 I’ve had a couple letters started to you, but they grow outdated so quickly, I think I need to start completely over.

    I hope you are well–we need to swap life updates soon!!! 😀



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