So, I’m back

Hey, everyone! Long time no see! I’m really happy to be back! We have a new computer and monitor that are COMPLETELY awesome! I’ll hopefully be able to post some pictures of them soon. But perhaps in order for you to understand just HOW awesome it is for us, I should show you pictures of our old monitor. [The one that died in the storm]

Only two words come to mind: OLD and BIG. So I’ll take pics of the new one and post them soon!

Life has been crazy and wonderful lately. One of the major highlights of the past month is that Seth, the 4-year-old little rebel brother of mine FINALLY decided that he’s ready to stop wearing diapers! He’s actually going potty! I know… not exactly the normal blog topic here! We are just so happy and proud of him, and I want ya’ll to share our joy. 😛

Another happy thing: Mom and Dad decided that I don’t have to do chemistry! It was being SO frustrating, so I’m happy to tell ya’ll that I’m switching to anatomy. So happy!

Well, I need to get going. That’s not even everything in a nutshell, but at least it’s something! I’ll be back soon!



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  1. Yay! I’m happy to! YOu know, I don’t really have anything to say, but I wanted to comment so I did. Byelio!


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