Can life get any better?

   Hey, everyone! I just wanted to let ya’ll know some of the things that are going on. My life is absolutely crazy right now, but I’m enjoying it immensely. We are just finishing up our second week of school- I’m a junior in high school. SCARY! My cousin Anna is talking about college and I’m thinking, “No way! We are not getting that old!”

   Right now I’m doing: History, chemistry, math, total language plus, Jensen’s writing, and a BJU Bible course. On Monday I’m starting Spanish and piano! Yep… piano! I am so thrilled to finally have a teacher! I think that this year is probably going to be the best of my life!

   Bible quizzing is going well. I need to memorize 4 more chapters of Mark by the beginning of September. If I accomplish that, I’ll be able to go to Quiz Camp in Kentucky! (Or Indiana… it’s right on the border, so I’m not sure. :P) [Edit: You can read about it here.]

   I got my driver’s permit last month & will probably be learning how to drive soon. I’m not super excited about it… it’s just part of life. hehe

   I need to go memorize some stuff for a test and then get ready to go quiz at church! (We have Bible Quizzing on Fridays)



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