I’m in an air-conditioned house…

I’m in an air-conditioned house, but I’m not here to blog, so I need to try and keep this short. πŸ˜€

I’m at my Uncle Brian’s house right now and we’re working on getting everything packed/cleaned/loaded up for him to move. B_U_S_Y. But after several hours of work, every gal needs a quick break, right? πŸ˜› [of course!]

So… everything has been going really well. On Sunday we finally joined Woodside. I know that I haven’t been communicating a whole lot, but there was a lot up in the air over church a few weeks ago and we thought for about a week that Dad might have us start searching for a church again. [!] But it’s all settled now, and I’m SO happy. I know that I shouldn’t really experience stress because I’m a Christian and I have God, but I completely went nuts for that one week. It didn’t help my health at all. (lol… no new profile picture right now – the zits broke out. :()

Sunday was also partially sad because it was Pastor Andrew’s last Sunday. He’s off to Northland to get his Masters.

Umm… Today has been kinda long. I got up at 6:45ish and did my devotions, then we went to the gym. After a workout, we came home and ate breakfast; I DID relax a little after breakfast a bit, but then we came over to Uncle Brian’s and I’ve been super-busy ever since.

i’d say more, but I need to take my cousins to the park to get them out of the way.




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  1. I’m so happy that y’all have finally officially “joined hands” with the church family at Woodside!!! πŸ˜€ Praise the Lord for settling the stress into joy for you!!!

    Well, dear girl, I think that most every Christian will experience stress–at least struggles, because there is a war being fought against us, and we must fight for righteousness & for joy in God in even the little things. But there is so much to be learned about resting in His arms!!! πŸ˜€

    He’s so good. . .it’s hard for me at times to believe how good He’s been to me! πŸ˜€ It’s incredible to be led to the point where you find yourself even rejoicing when you think of the pain that’s gone before. . .because you see His hand of love in all your past, your present, and your future!

    Is your Uncle Brian moving closer or farther away from y’all? You may have mentioned it to me before, but I don’t remember.


  2. Posted by alwaysgivinglory on July 23, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    I still haven’t made up my mind wether I should have gone or not… I’m glad I got all that work on my paper done, but maybe I should have gone… IDK…



  3. Hi Emily. . .you ought to go and enter the giveaway over here before (7/31 noon): http://www.xanga.com/A_Sweet_Fragrance/667180744/giveaway-thoughts-concerning-the-king-by-elizabeth-prentiss.html


  4. If you like Eric Ludy’s writing. . .he has written a new book called The Bravehearted Gospel and is letting people download advance copies.



  5. I miss your updates! How have you been lately?

    Have a wonderful day; God bless!



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