What a busy week!

   Last Thursday afternoon we met Uncle Brian’s family and Grandpa and Grandma at one of the many local Taco Bells (yum!) so that we could have a turn with Grandpa and Grandma. [They had spent the last 2 weeks with Uncle Brian] After lunch, Uncle Brian took Grandpa, my cousins Ethan, Jacob, and Audrey, myself, and my sister Erin to Circuit City while Mom, Aunt Becca, Grandma, Seth, Laura, and Erica went to Christopher and Banks. When we got to Circuit City, I went to look at earbud prices because my earbuds are starting to look… used. I looked at the prices, and decided that used earbuds are pretty cool! 😛 I went to the door and waited for everyone to catch up with me so that we could leave. Nothing doing! Uncle Brian knew why I went in, and he started asking questions… which led to Grandpa knowing why I had come… which led to his buying me some new earbuds… which was what I was trying to avoid. Grandpa spends too much of his money on me as it is! So here I was… successful in my mission until Uncle Brian came into the picture. Oh, well.

   On Friday I had book club. Once again there were just three people – so yes, I was the usual minority of 1 to 2. Hey, who said that this would be easy? The book that we read for the month of May was (of all things) Prince Caspian. I hadn’t read it for a long time, so it was good. Now it sounds like when Caspian comes out on DVD, they’re going to have a movie night at the library. I don’t know whether or not it’ll happen – or if I’ll be allowed to go.
Now…. [drumroll please]… the book chosen for this month was one that I suggested! It’s The Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne. You poor deprived people probably always think of Winnie-the-Pooh when you hear that name, but Mr. Milne was a pretty good mystery man!

   On Saturday we went to some garage sales. There’s a lot more that I could say about Saturday, but I won’t say it all. Things were rather tense at several points. As my grandpa gets older, his habits are getting more irritating to my dad. And as my dad gets older, he doesn’t cope with grandpa’s ways as well as he used to. To tell the truth, there have been points this week where I either wanted to cry or to yell at my dad. I love my dad and my grandpa, and I hate to see them not getting along. I’m also worried that Seth will learn something from Dad’s treatment of Grandpa… and that it will lead to disrespect from him [Seth] in the future. 😦

   Sunday was really nice. Church has become my favorite place in the world, I think. Well… maybe I still like camp a little better! I did really bad with quizzing, though. I think I only answered three questions. I got all of them right, but still… I didn’t do too well.

   On Monday evening we met Uncle Brian and fam at Applebees. It was a much better experience than I can recall having at any restaurant when it’s our large group of 14. 😀 I shook off a few years and joined Erica and my cousin Ethan in being… kids. lol We did stupid stuff like blowing holes through our ice with our straws — and I think that I won’t go into any more details. I think that I embarrassed myself at some point or three. *ahem* I am a young lady, folks, but I just haven’t revisited childhood for a long time! 😛
   When we were done at Applebees, Grandpa decided that since Erica has been saving up for a camera… and since Applebees and Best Buy share a parking lot… he’d just take Erica in there and buy her a camera! (Of course, she’d owe him the $50 she had saved up) Erica tried in vain (like me with the earbuds), but Grandpa (as usual) would not be gainsaid. So lo and behold, my sis now has an AWESOME camera! I hope she lets me borrow it occasionally. I actually already have borrowed it, and taken a couple really stupid videos with it, too. So now that she has the camera, Grandpa all of a sudden realized, “hey, this might not be fair for everyone else.” So what does he do? He informs Erica that she owes $100 instead of $50! Which, by the way, does not sit well with her & would not sit well with me, either. We do not like to owe money. No sirree, we do not like owing money one bit! Anyhow… I’d best get moving on!

   Tuesday we went out on the town again. I don’t think we did much, though. I picked up some photos at Wal-mart, but I’m going to see if I can return/exchange one. You see, it’s one that I had them print before – and this time around it turned out really dark. Go figure.

   Wednesday morning we played pit with spoons. Fun fun fun! Grandma won pit for the first time that she can remember, so that was cool, too.
   At around 2:30 we took Grandpa and Grandma to the airport, and they should be safely home by now!

   Well, that was kinda long, but it covers a whole week. Thanks so much to those of you who commented on my last post! Comments always cheer me up. I’ll try to get back to you today. 😀
   For now I need to get going… I have some cleaning to do, some science to do, some scripture memory to take care of, and some other random online stuff. Have a great day!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Erin on June 12, 2008 at 10:08 am

    hello! i dont know if you will actually get this comment but…..
    It looks like you have had a busy week. I’m sorry for the times that were stressful but glad for the times that were enjoyed!


  2. Posted by EricaJoy on June 13, 2008 at 11:04 am

    Hey… it’s just me. 😀 I bet your week wasn’t as interesting as mine. 😀 J/K 😀 Did this comment really make you happy?? Lol…



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