One full week

   Okay, everyone. I think I’m about to write the longest post that you’ve seen on this blog. So hang on to your seats and here goes!

   I promised an inspirational post, but I’m going to postpone it until… later. For now I’m going to focus on the past week.
   As you should all know by now, I spent the week up at camp. It was really awesome! It was my first time going to camp with a youth group – and it was great!

   On Monday we headed to the church and got loaded up in the vans. I was in one van, Erica was in the other. It was a good trip up! I didn’t have any bored moments. 😀 There was rain and snow on the trip up, and rain and snow in the forecast, but God saw fit to allow us some really incredible weather! We had sunshine all the way! It did get somewhat cold with the wind a few times, but it was still pretty awesome. 😀

   Monday night itself wasn’t exactly anything spectacular except for the fact that I was at camp again! I learned something though… it takes about 20 times as long to get with your counselor when you come with a youth group. 😛 Instead of getting there and going straight to our cabins, we had to wait around for quite a while!

   Tuesday was pretty awesome. We played a couple of games… but I can’t remember which games. I’d have to think – which I am totally incapable of doing right now due to my lack of sleep. 😛
   The sermon on Tuesday night was wonderful. I’d encourage you to go and listen to it yourself! I went up to the Bull Moose at the end of the service and ended up talking for a couple of hours to the person who counselled me. It was wonderful.

   Wednesday was nice, too. I missed out on my opportunity for the pool because I decided to go on the trail ride. I still don’t know for sure that it was worth it. 😛 I really wanted to be in the water, but I love the ride, too. I got some major sunburn while I was out. For the first time that I can ever remember, I got sunburned hands! Does that really happen? I guess so!
   I started to make a bracelet on Wednesday, too. I finished it later on in the week. It’s a pretty cornflower blue type thing. 😀
   Wednesday night was fun time, and it was great! If I had the know-how or the DVD, I’d upload a couple of the skits. Maybe sometime I’ll be able to. We’ll just have to wait and see.

   Thursday was the girls hike. I didn’t do so great. Enough said. The scenery was great! The only problem was that I got hurt a bit. But stuff like that happens. 

   Friday was lots of fun, too. We played a really awesome game in the morning – I was able to play it since the girls only needed to use their hands and not their legs. After lunch, we had free time until supper. I ordered the camp DVD, played some games with some friends, and then went and got done up for final scoring. I was on the blue (Bull Moose) team. I wore my blue camp shirt, had “Bull Moose” put on my face with blue eyeliner, and wore blue bandanas around my ankle, wrist, and hair. It’s all about team spirit!
  The red team ended up winning the week ’cause their guys and gals said more Bible verses. But I wasn’t really too upset – I didn’t go to camp in order to focus on my team. I went to learn about God.

   Today we left. I actually didn’t cry! That’s another good thing about a youth group: they keep you from crying. At least I think that’s why I didn’t cry.
   We made the journey back to church and there I was surprised that Mom wasn’t around to pick us up: Dad had come with Erin and Seth. I didn’t say anything – just figured she was busy. I was wrong. She’s in Michigan for a funeral. So…

   A tired teenage girl returns home from camp to find that the house is a MESS. She unpacks, sorts out the laundry, makes lunch, takes care of around 40 emails, and the phone rings. Her dad has used both phones and hasn’t put either back on the charger, so she finds one and talks to her mom (who was the one who called) for a few minutes until the phone is dead. Now to find the other phone. First she has to put the dead phone on the charger: it’s so dead that it won’t even call the other handset. In the meantime she cleans the living room. Then she goes to call the other phone. It rings twice – and dies. Great. I’m tired. I’m sunburned. I’m filthy. I’m trying to do laundry. I’m supposed to call a couple people to tell them that I’m home. The phones are dead. I have things to catch up with online. I am starting to have a pity party, aren’t I? I’m sorry. I guess I’ll get going. I need to email Uncle Brian anyhow… I got a scratched DVD of camp, so I need to see if I can exchange it.

‘Kay… that’s all for now! Please leave comments and cheer me up! I’m SO tired and hot and dirty and…. won’t go into all of it. So here’s [I hope] a slideshow from camp:

[Edit: for whatever reason, I can’t get it to work. Here’s a link:]


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, Em! I hasn’t read it yet… I will later… you have a great day… bye…



  2. Sorry I didn’t see this till now, or I would have left several comments right away! 🙂

    One thing I disliked about my regular babysitting job was that I’d come home tired and be faced with [usually my own] list of things that needed to be done. . .often cooking, cleaning, garden, etc. I wanted to tackle those things when I was perky, not when I was ready for sleep! But I suppose the Lord lets us go through those exhausting and frustrating times so that we will remember that when we come to the end of our rope, we’re only just beginning to climb out on the (endless) rope of His grace!

    It sounds like you hurt your leg or ankle at camp??? I hope you are feeling much better, happier, and cleaner now! 😀


  3. I’m looking forward to another post. . . 😀

    Huh, who am I to be talking?! I post so infrequently on my blog anyway 🙂

    I certainly hope it’s cooler up there than it is (over and down) here. It’s been getting up very close to 100, and we have HUMIDITY! Just walk outside and stand out there for a few minutes, and you’ll start to *melt*! 🙂 Now it’s a matter not of keeping our little chicks & ducks warm, but of turning on enough fans to keep them from “roasting”! 🙂


  4. I am sooo glad to hear from you again! May and the first few days of June seem to be the busiest time of year for a lot of people and the blogging slows down.

    Have you gotten everything in order yet? I /feel/ like I am at camp right now. I really like our new home but there are ticks everywhere and my bedroom currently consists of sheets for walls!

    Hope you’re feeling better!


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