My first near-heart attack experience…

Did anyone else have a moment of panic when they saw this? I sure did! [Please answer the question and let me know that I’m NOT stupid for almost losing it] 😀


3 responses to this post.

  1. You’re not stupid!

    There. 🙂 I said it!

    Really, though I did have a moment of panic too–although it was a very brief moment, because (as I say in a comment on the blog post in the spotlight) I clicked on the post so fast. I wouldn’t let myself believe it, and within the first few seconds I knew I didn’t have to because I understood the joke. 🙂

    I don’t always get sarcasm/jokes that quickly though. . .I used to have a few friends who used a lot of sarcasm/irony/jokes and exposure to them sharpened my mind (at least to the detection of such!). 😀


  2. Yup, momentary shock and horror right here! “They wouldn’t!?!?” Nope, they wouldn’t. 😀


  3. Actually, I didn’t fall for it even for a moment…. But then again, I’m an Australian and we have a different sort of sense of humour that is a sort of safe-guard against these things. So don’t feel too badly! 😉


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