So… Sunday is Mother’s Day

So… What do ya’ll plan on doing for Mother’s Day? We are doing something bigger than we’ve ever done before. Well… maybe not. The biggest thing that we’ve ever gotten Mom is a rocking chair, and by no means is this gift going to be that size! BUT it makes up for size by *ahem* price. Deary dear, I do believe I spent more money on Mom than I’ve spent on a single present before, and I had help from Erica, Erin, and Dad paid over half of it. Any ideas? I want ya’ll to guess [Erica excluded. Sorry.] I’ll tell you that it’s small, expensive, and is not jewelry. I can’t wait to see what you might come up with!

And in review, since some people don’t comment even when I ask questions – or just comment without answering the questions (which I don’t really mind):

  • What are you doing for Mother’s Day?
  • What do you think I’m giving my mom?

Well, thanks for dropping by! And remember, I love any comments – even if you don’t answer the questions!


4 responses to this post.

  1. **poochie**
    Your blog won’t let me use my new signature. It won’t take any comments that have the HTML for it at the end. **sniff sniff**

    ~The George With No Name


  2. What I’m doing for mother’s day:
    I think I’d like to take her out to the arboretum this year… I really can’t think of anything she’d like more than to spend hours hiking and inspecting the little spring bud. We need to clean and make dinner as well.

    And hmm…. what could you be getting for yours?
    Do we get hints? 😀


  3. Oh and P.S. Yes, you can totally do a backwards version of ‘You know you’re moving to the country’. Hehe, I’d love to see that!


  4. I’m giving my Mom a new skirt (it’s made with a tencel fabric, so it should be really cool for summer) and several chocolate bars. 🙂 (Plus, I’m making her a card & will make her a bouquet. ..I’m also going to try to make a cake for Mom & Grandma tomorrow.)

    Last year, I did a little Mother’s Day ceremony, and crowned Mom & Grandma with fragrant wreaths of honeysuckle. 🙂

    Hmmm. .. the only thing I can think of that is small & expensive would be some kind of a music player? but I’m not sure that’s what you’d be getting your Mom. I guess I’m stumped (and I’m quite tired!) 🙂



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