Two Years Ago…

Two years ago my sisters and I were able to move down into our newly finished basement. After being cramped in a smaller room upstairs, it was wonderful! I still enjoy how cool it is in the basement during the hot summer days. It’s so awesome to have a Dad that can finish a basement for you!

At this point, Erin is in her own bedroom upstairs while Erica and I share the basement room. As I’d like to get into the habit of including pictures in my posts, here’s a start! [I hope this works! :D]


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hiya, Em! I like your new layout! I’m assuming you didn’t make it…lol. 😛

    What is the web site you got your signature from? I know you told me… but I don’t remember. Yours is very purty!

    You have a great day! **because it makes my day better when you’re happy** Oh, and great job with quizzing last night (even if my team did beat yours…:P)!



  2. Hehe… I was actually surprised that any HTML worked…. HSB is really finicky with HTML.

    Actually…. HSB doesn’t allow me to delete comments. Ouch. That might not be good…. I’m now seriously considering going back to xanga…. You would be allowed to delete your own comment if you were signed in to HSB….


  3. it looks really lovely and homey! yay for sherlock holmes books. 😉

    (from the Rebelution)


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