It happens

   What exactly is ‘it’? – Whatever I write about just now. Make sense? Yeah. Okay.

   I really don’t know where to start, seeing that none of you really know what’s been going on for the past… month or two. I guess I’ll back up to the beginning of April and take off from there. I did promise a long post, didn’t I?

   On April 5th, my dear friend and neighbor Mrs. B called to tell us that her son had been killed in a sky-diving accident. It was a major shock. He’s been sky-diving for a long time and was an instructor. He was doing a tandem jump with a student and both were killed. Three days later Mrs. B turned 82. Please pray for her!

   My family has been going to Woodside Baptist Church still. I am so grateful that God has allowed us to be going there! I hope that Dad decides to join soon. On the 13th we had a potluck, and Mom’s super-delicious chocolate raspberry pie was named Best Dessert. Mmmm…
   In spite of our not joining yet, Dad is allowing us to become more active in the church. We (Mom and I) will be signing up for nursery duty; Erica, Erin and myself are participating in the Bible Quizzing, Mom and Dad are thinking about joining the choir, and Erica and I were allowed to hand in our camp registrations along with everyone else – rather than sending them in alone. 😀

   I am really looking forward to making some money this summer. I’ve learned a lot about money management over the past 5 years, so I think that I’ll do better this summer than I ever have before. The jobs that I’ll have are cleaning a neighbor’s house and mowing Mrs. B’s lawn. I’ll feel really rich, I’m sure!

   On Monday we had our last Joy Club. Mrs. B is putting her house on the market and it’ll take a miracle for her to be able to stay. Her son was helping her pay her bills, and now that he’s gone, she’ll have to move. It’s sad to see the Joy Club ending, but I realize that it’s the only option at this point.

   Well, I’m going to post this even though I’m not exactly done with it. My life is so busy at this point that I’m writing posts a little at a time.

   Have a wonderful weekend, folks!



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  1. That is a really funny email in the last post. 🙂


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