I’ll be back soon… with a lot to say

I’m working on my next post! Thanks for supporting my new blog!


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  1. My youth group…
    My youth group…
    My youth group…

    It does sound/look/feel awesome!! Why do you post anonymous comments?? You COULD leave your name there… lol… as long as you leave your URL… lol.

    Anyhoo…. have a blessed day!

    ~The George With No Name


  2. Ooh, I like it! You have the Mistylook background just like me. 🙂 Should I change your address on my blog to this, then?


  3. You can type your name in where it says ‘anonymoust’. But then I know how much you like making me second guess myself as to if that really was you that left that anonymoust comment…lol. 😛

    Do you really spell it b-a-t-t-e-r?? I thought it was b-a-d-d-e-r. How do you spell batter as in baseball? Lol…

    ~The George With No Name


  4. Hehe… I tried to tell you…. 😛


  5. Cheerily awaiting your next post! 🙂

    P.S. A few years ago I got to being a little lonely because I didn’t have a nickname, and several of my friends did (well, my parents call me funny things, but that wasn’t quite the same!), so I started calling myself the Anonymouse. 😀


  6. Oh by the way, 14 ducks hatched and they are the most wonderful, cute little things! I’ll be writing up a post with details and pictures on my blog within the next couple of days.


  7. Ah, I take it you read/are reading the new book. How do you like it? My brother was quite excited to get it… he’s reading it now. Have fun with your new blog!!


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