Here I go!

After using several blogs with several different user names with several different purposes… I finally came up with THE blog with a GREAT username and WORTHY purpose! So, jump aboard with me as I try to do hard things to the glory of God! Comments would be appreciated!



3 responses to this post.

  1. I promise to tease you about this day in and day out. 😛 No…. I’ll be **sorta** nice. Maybe. If you’re lucky. Have a great day!

    ~The George With No Name


  2. I encourage you to press on and follow God where he leads.

    Great blog.


  3. 😀 about the blog change. . .see, that’s why I think REALLY long and hard before I start a new email or blog. Why, when I got my email (the one you write me at), it took me several hours over several days of hard thinking before I was satisfied!

    I like the new blog. .. the name and the look. 🙂 WordPress is really neat. . .someday perhaps I’ll get one. I just hate to drop sites–I’m sentimental. 🙂


    P.S. Your letter was mailed today! I know, really really really late!


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